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August Bullock
Bankruptcy lawyer serving Chico and Butte County

You probably have come to this website because you are interested in bankruptcy.

People struggle with financial issues for many reasons. Sometimes they are confronted by the fact that they just do not make enough to pay all their bills. Sometimes they are dealing with more pressing concerns such as wage garnishments, pending foreclosures, or auto repossessions. Sometimes they have tax problems, or own a small business that is facing economic challenges.

I have helped thousands of people over the years and I can help you too. If you retain me your Chapter 7 or 13 will proceed seamlessly, in a calm, efficient, and affordable manner.

I handle only a limited amount of Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 cases at time. I do all the work myself, and I give each and every client my complete and undivided attention. My office is comfortable, private and conveniently located near Trader Joe's in Chico.

I can accommodate your busy schedule. If you like we can meet or talk on the phone after you get off work, in the early evening. I can even visit your home if you prefer. (This may be particularly helpful if you live in Butte County outside of Chico.)

I have been a bankruptcy attorney for a long time - since 1988 when Ronald Regan was president. At that time I had a prominent practice in San Francisco. I maintained a large staff and ran advertisements in almost every city newspaper. I learned all the nuances of consumer bankruptcy law. I will use that knowledge to get you the debt relief you deserve.

Please call me right now at 530-961-3182 so we can discuss all your options. The first consultation is free. A fresh start and a better life can be yours.

(530) 961-3182
August Bullock, Chico Bankruptcy Attorney
2260 Saint George Lane # 1, Chico, CA 95926
(Near Trader Joe's -behind the Best Western Heritage Inn and K-Mart)

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